Aesthetic gymnastics

This system of training is connected to Sára Berczik. Within the training, the learned movements of the different age groups are based on each other, providing a comprehensive development of skills that provide the foundation for someone to become a successful dancer.


This genre is very broad, from the world of Broadway to today’s elements of jazz dance. The training starts by acquiring the ability to isolate the movement of different body parts. Then, according to the achieved technical level, the movements are continuously combined into a simultaneous movement of different and isolated body parts. We teach how to use the different props and tools within different styles of jazz through the learning of choreographies and dance combinations.

Street jazz

This functions as a supplement technique for a successful participation in contests. It consists of the dance steps of hip-hop, and the isolational techniques which are combined with different jazz elements. This helps the students to acquire dynamics that can be utilized in other dance exercises. On the trainings, we practice to youthful and popular music.


Used techniques: Graham, Limon, Contact improvisation. While Graham and Limon is an internationally acknowledged training, which is planned in advance and results in a planned movement, Contact improvisation is based on the natural birth of movements, where one movement directly causes the next one, not controlled by the brain.

Show dance

Entertaining and spectacular dance. It can be based on one style, or it can combine several dance styles, for example folk-dancing, historical, jazz, folklore, ballroom dancing, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, latin, swing-based, classical ballet, break, electric, contact, acrobatic rock’n roll, and oriental dances. Its purpose is entertaining, but this does not exclude the handling of more dramatic themes.

Classical ballet

In the construction of the classes and the structure of the exercise we use the Vaganova method – as do most of the masters. Gymnastic, modern and floor barre techniques are also included. Accordingly, the main consideration is to reduce the load on the hip, to make the center of the body always stable and active, let the legs work fully stretched, and leave the upper body light and airy. Instead of practicing to classical music, the classes are accompanied by modern music. Therefore, after a tiring day at school, the students will have the motivation to perform at their best.