About Us

Our school is the successor of a sports club that has been operating for the past twenty years. In 2016 we changed our name due to our new objective: besides participating in competitions we wanted to create dance theatrical productions, giving us the opportunity to rethink the fusion of different modes of dance and movement.

The head of our school is Gabriella Kézér, teacher of the Hungarian Dance Academy, who has invited to work with those of her young students who later often chose dance as their profession. In our dance company, there are performers who have already earned their degree at the Hungarian Dance Academy Institute for Training Choreographers and Dance Pedagogues, and there are others, who are currently pursuing their studies.

We are proud of our dancers’ national and international accomplishments. Entering contests in different dance styles, our students took part in finals and many times finished standing on the podium. One of our dancers was awarded the ‘Good student – good athlete of Hungary’ title two times, in honor of the achievements in international championships.

In our programs, we believe that the focus should be placed on a conscious training of the body, a vision which is reflected in our training of the different dance styles and in aesthetic gymnastics connected to Sára Berczik.

We offer specific training for students who excel, but our school is also open to youngsters who wish to exercise and develop in dance.

Our company provides opportunity for the gifted students of the Hungarian Dance Academy to participate in adult training, in theatrical and other types of work related to the production of dance performances.

The schools’ youthful and accomplished teachers can be role models for the children and junior age groups, the dancers of the future. Not only are they professionals, but also they are outstanding dancers themselves. For the young ones, besides the chance to participate in competitions, we provide an opportunity to show their talent by participating in the company’s productions.